Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI)

Rarely offered in the Middle East, this event is expected to attract teachers of Arabic from all of Egypt and the Arab world. Workshops will be held on two concurrent four-day rounds prior to the conference; namely, December 11th-14th. These are full-day events.

The workshops will be administered at AUC by The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). ACTFL is one of the most well-established, expert-led professional institutions in the field of foreign language teaching and testing. The two four-day workshops hosted by AUC aim to offer teachers an opportunity for professional learning and certification on the issue of assessment, in general, and assessment of oral language proficiency, in specific. In addition to providing the rare opportunity of applying language assessment principles under experts’ supervision, they will also help participants fulfill the following:

  • Enrich their students’ classroom experience; thus, help them enhance their language proficiency, specifically their oral proficiency.
  • Create more opportunities for meaningful, communicative interaction in class that results in measurable improvements in students’ language performance.
  • Apply key proficiency oriented teaching and testing principles to curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  • Set program goals that are in line with performance outcomes.
  • Determine more accurately levels of student performance; this will help teachers/programs deal more successfully with placement issues as well as follow more diligently students’ progress.
  • Prepare to become certified testers.

In celebration of its centennial,  AUC will be covering 50% of participants’ fees in the workshops. Thus, the workshop participation fee is $350.

For more information, please visit the dates and fees page.