Inclusive Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World

Inclusive Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World: How Shall We Respond?

What will be our biggest concern in teaching as we move into the future? Prior to COVID-19, educators worried about the lack of time to prepare, overcrowded classrooms, diverse learning needs, and more. But we emerge from this pandemic, post-secondary educators will require additional skills to remain effective. Technology tools are important. But true impact hinges on student engagement. And that engagement must be inclusive: individually, culturally, and pedagogically.


In this presentation, I will discuss research findings from a Spring 2021 student engagement study I conducted at The Ohio State University. Along with student voices, I’ll share ideas from OSU’s Institute for Teaching & Learning on what engagement and inclusion could look like (with practical examples of course design, syllabus detail, and online/hybrid techniques). Lastly, I’ll demonstrate some tools, ideas, and inspiration attendees can use to improve their own in-person, online, and hybrid teaching and engagement.